When you’re ready to start adding icons to a page or post, you can can do so using the custom content blocks included with WPIcons. You’ll find them inside of the ‘Icons’ category in the components popover when adding a block to the content.

Custom content blocks included with WPIcons Pro.

Add Icon Block to Page/Post

To add the icon to the page, simply click on the ‘Icon’ block as shown in the screenshot above. Doing so will add the ‘Icon’ content block to the page. Whether you have the default icon set active or not will dictate what icon shows up by default. The icon block settings will appear in the right hand panel when the Icon block is selected.

WPIcons icon block settings when active.

Changing the Icon

Changing the icon is easy using the WPIcons icon browser. To bring up the icon browser to select one of your installed icons, in the right hand settings panel, click on the ‘Change Icon‘ button to bring up the icon browser.

WPIcons Icon Block – Icon Settings Section
WPIcons Pro icon browser after clicking the ‘Change Icon’ button in the screenshot above.

You’ll also find the Icon Size slider in the Icon section of the settings panel. Here you can control the size of the icon using a slider which ranges from 1 to 200. If you need an icon larger than 200px you can override the slider max by typing in the value in the text input field to the right of the slider.

You can then go through each setting section for the icon block and adjust things as needed. For a complete overview of the icon block settings, please see our documentation Icon Block Settings Overview.

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