You might encounter errors when installing icon sets that you’ve created, or that you’ve downloaded from a third party. Some of the errors you may encounter are listed below, along with their associated solutions.

You can’t upload files of this type.

Uploading invalid file types through the Icon Sets page will display the follwing error.

Trying to upload an invalid file type on the Icon Sets screen will display the following error.


The solution here is to upload a .zip archive downloaded from Icomoon, or a .zip archive of only .svg files. WPIcons only accepts .zip files when uploaded from the Icon Sets page in the dashboard. All other file types will fail.

This does not appear to be an IcoMoon zip archive.

Attempting to install an invalid IcoMoon .zip archive will result in the following error. This means that some files are missing from the .zip archive, or the selection.json was corrupted or incorrectly structured.

If you’ve just downloaded this icon set from Icomoon and are sure the selection.json file hasn’t been touched, please contact us and we can investigate further. It’s possible that the file IcoMoon .zip file structure has changed since the release of WPIcons. If that’s the case we would need to patch the plugin with an update.
Installing an invalid IcoMoon zip archive will result in the following error.


The best solution is to re-download your zip file from IcoMoon to ensure the contents of the .zip archive are structure properly. If you re-download the icon set and the issue persists, please contact us or login, submit a support request and be sure to attach the .zip archive you are having issues with.

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