Downloading an installed icon set is useful for a few reasons. First, if you’ve built out a highly custom icon set with a number of icons from multiple locations it can be a pain to track down all of those icons again and reconstruct the icon set to re-use. Downloading an existing icon set allows you to export the icon set configuration and the icon files and have it downloaded it a nicely packaged .zip archive – similar to the structure it was when it was originally uploaded.

Having the ability to download installed icon sets allows you to quickly and easily move icon sets between sites and share icon sets with other users or our support team.

Downloading the Icon Set

First head to the Icon Sets page from the WordPress dashboard. You can get there by navigating to WPIcons ⇨ Icon Sets. When on the Icon Sets page, you should see all of your installed icon sets listed.

The Icon Sets page will have all of your installed icon sets listed.
You can hover over each Icon Set to reveal additional action links. As you hover over each icon set you’ll see the action links appear in the upper right-hand corner of the icon set container. The action links are ‘Preview‘, ‘Download‘, and ‘Uninstall‘.

Hover over the icon set you would like to download to reveal the action links. Find the second link in and click the Download icon.

Hover over the icon set to reveal the action links and click the second link in to download your icon set.

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