Checking License Key Expiration Date

There are a few ways to verify the expiration date of your license keys. Select the quickest method below based on your current setup.

Within WPIcons Pro

The simplest method is to check the WPIcons ⇨ License page inside of the WPIcons Pro plugin. When you’ve entered a valid license on this page, in the right-hand sidebar you’ll see information related to your licenses, such as the number of sites the key is active on and the expiration date.

WPIcons license key page

On this site

Another option is to view the license key and expiration directly on the WPIcons site. You’ll want to first want to login to your account. Head over to the License Keys section of your account. Next to the associated license key, you’ll see a Expires row. The date listed here is the date on which your license key will become inactive, so be sure to renew before then.

WPIcons Pro license key expiration date on

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