Note: If you’ve purchased the ‘Personal’ or ‘Plus’ license, and have an active subscription, your license will renew automatically on the day that it expires. If you’ve canceled the subscription and need to renew your license, follow the steps below.

Renewing Your License (via the renewal notification email)

As your license comes close to expiring you’ll receive emails letting you know. Inside of the email, you’ll find a link which you can click that will direct you right to the checkout page where your license key will be populated and you can proceed right through the checkout. After completing the checkout your license key will be renewed for one full calendar year from the date of renewal, granting you access to future updates and continued support.

Manually Renewing Your License

Manually renewing your license is a similar process, however, you’ll need to enter your license key on the checkout page. The first thing you’ll want to do is head to the Pricing page and add click the Purchase button at the bottom of the appropriate license tier you want to renew.

This will redirect you to the Checkout, where you’ll find a Click to renew an existing license link, and will look similar to the following:

Click renew license link
Click on the renew license link to display the license renewal fields.

After clicking on the license renewal link a new field will display where you can enter your license key.

Enter your license key
Enter your license key in the text input field to apply the license renewal.

You’ll know that a license key is being renewed because a button will be visible, allowing you to cancel the license renewal.

Cancel License Renewal button
Confirm that the ‘Cancel License Renewal’ button is visible to ensure your license key is being renewed.

If you’ve confirmed that the ‘Cancel License Renewal‘ button is visible, you can proceed with the checkout to renew your license for 1 more year.

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