Custom SVG icon sets are quickly and easily installed by constructing a .zip archive of all icons you want to include in the set. It’s as simple as that. These svg icons can be icons you’ve downloaded from third party designers, third party websites, icons you’ve created yourself.

For a list of reputable and professional icon providers take a look at our blog post where we have a directory of our top recommended icon providers.

Create the .zip Archive

Place all .svg icon files inside of a single directory, with no other files. This is important to note, as font icons and .svg icon cannot be mixed into a single icon set.

Custom SVG icon files placed into a single directory with no other files.

Select all of the icons contained in the directory and create a zip archive of those files. On Mac OSX you can select all of the files and right-click any one of them and click on ‘Compress’.

Note: Custom icon .zip files can only contain .svg icon files. If the zip contains any other type of file, installing the custom icon set will not work.
Create a zip archive of the custom SVG icon files.

You can then rename the created .zip to the name of your icon set. In this example we’ve named the icon set “Payment Types” so the file name is ““.

Rename the created .zip archive to the name of your icon set.

That’s it! You’ve now successfully created a .zip archive of your custom svg icons. This new .zip can be uploaded directly to the WPIcons plugin for use on your site. To install the new icon set follow the documentation for Installing new icon sets.

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