On the Icon Sets page you may find that one of your icon sets has a badge ‘Broken Set‘ displaying. This error is different than the ‘Missing Config‘ error that you may have encountered. This means that the icon set option is missing from the database. This option could have been deleted by accident or your icon set may have been renamed manually. Whatever the reason, it is possible to salvage the icon set and regenerate the option so your icon sets are back up and running. Another indication of a broken icon set is the lack of data listed in the icon set container. You’ll notice that the ‘Icon Count’ and ‘Imported On’ values are both empty.

An example of a broken icon set.
An example of a broken font icon icon set.

How to Regenerate the Icon Set Option

This error can affect both SVG and Font Icon icon sets, however, regenerating the icon set option is possible for both SVG and Font Icon icon sets (unlike regenerating the icon set config file).

When you encounter a broken icon set, regenerating the appropriate icon set option is done in one click. From on the Icon Sets page, you’ll want to hover over the broken icon set which will reveal three buttons in the upper right-hand corner of the icon set container (See image above). The first button is the download button, which lets you download your icon set. The second looks like a ‘Refresh’ icon which allows you to regenerate the icon option. The third is a trash can which lets you uninstall the icon set from your site.

Click on the refresh icon to begin the option regeneration process. This is generally a quick process, but it can take some time depending on how many icons the icon set contains. Once the icon set configuration is regenerated the ‘Broken Set’ badge should disappear and the icon set data will re-appear (Icon Set Slug, Icon Count, Imported On etc.).

Regenerating a missing SVG icon set option is quick and easy.

An Error Occurred Regenerating the Icon Set Option

There are a few reasons that the icon set option might encounter an error when regenerating. If you attempt to regenerate the broken icon set and run into an error, the only option left is to download the broken icon set, uninstall the icon set from your site, and re-upload the icon set .zip set back to your site. This will re-upload all of the icons back to your site, recreate the appropriate options, and regenerate the icon set configuration in the process.

Note: You can download the icon set from your site by clicking on the first icon that appears when you hover over the icon set. This will download all icons in your icon set directory into a .zip archive that you can use to re-upload back to your site.

Re-installing the icon sets is the same process as installing them the first time, you’ll just want to make sure that you uninstall the existing icon set before re-installing it. If you need help reinstalling the icon set, take a look at our documentation Installing new icon sets.

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