You can install two types of icon sets in WPIcons Pro. The first is a custom constructed .zip file which you can download from Icomoon. The other type is a simple .zip archive of just .svg files. These can be images that you download from third party sites, icons you create in an application like Adobe Illustrator, or icons downloaded from one of the provided icon services.

It’s important to note that constructing the .zip file for each set type is slightly different, but installation is exactly the same. For detailed instructions on how to download Icomoon icons or construct your custom .zip archives for upload, checkout our documentation for each:

If you’re at all curious about the technical differences between .svg icons and font icons, take a look at the following article: SVGs vs. Icon Fonts: The Battle Without Resolution.

Installing the Icon Set

When you have your .zip archive (either downloaded from Icomoon or constructed yourself following our tutorial) you can proceed with the following steps.

Click on Install New at the top of the Icon Sets page to display the icon set installation popup.

Installing a new icon set.

Drag your .zip archive into the drop zone of the popup, or click on the dropzone to bring up the file browser for your local machine. If you bring up the file browser, navigate to the location of your zip and select it to begin the upload.

Installing a new icon set is as simple as dragging in a .zip archive.

You’ll see that once the icon set is installed, you’ll see it listed on the Icon Sets page. From here you can preview the icon set by hovering over the icon set container and clicking on the little eyeball icon. This will bring up the popup of all the icons contained in the icon set you just installed (as seen in the image above).

You can then head over to a page, a post or any menu item and start adding these icons right into your website.

Payment Types custom icon set viewed in the icon browser.

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WPIcons Pro Changelog

2.0.3 - March 29th, 2020

  • Fix number format on output of icon count.
  • Remove rogue alert from modal popup.
  • Fix ‘View Shortcode’ background width.
  • Fix ‘View Shortcode’ .markup-container width back to 50%.
  • Remove reference to $ in all scripts.
  • Remove down arrow in icon browser titles.
  • Add period to ‘Select an animation to add to this icon’ sentence.
  • Update PHPCS standards to ignore shorthand syntax errors.
  • Add --ignore-externals flag to svn checkout.
  • Add PHPUnit testsuite name.
  • Add minimum PHP version/WP Version to plugin header.
  • Update unit tests with new plugin header info.

  • 2.0.2 - August 20th, 2019

  • Fix remote updater not passing license key, causing updates to not work.
  • Fix .zip archives generated during the build.
  • Update remote plugin updater class.

  • 2.0.1 - August 14th, 2019

  • Clean up minor bugs in the Icon Browser/Icon Builder windows.
  • Confirm working with Beaver Builder.
  • Tweak conditional login in Icon Builder windows for easier reading.

  • 2.0.0 - March 1st, 2019

  • Initial release of WPIcons Pro v2.0.0.
  • Complete rewrite of WP SVG Icons Pro.
  • Rebranded to WPIcons Pro.
  • Tons of new features, performance improvements and improvements (See for full feature list)
  • Version v2.0.3 Released

    Released: Yesterday at 3:04 pm EST

    View Changes