Icon Services Overview

The icon services are only avaiable to Plus and Ultimate license holders.
You can get to the services page at any time from your WordPress dashboard by navigating to WPIcons ⇨ Services.

Third part icon services can be enabled or diabled on the Services page, allowing you to turn on or off any icon service as needed.

Third party icon services included in WPIcons Pro.
As we add additional icon services to WPIcons, the screenshot above may become outdated. That might be why you may be seeing icon services in your WordPress dashboard that aren’t included in the screenshot above.

As you enable icon services you’ll be redirected to the related settings page for that service. On each specific icon service settings page, you can add the required API Key or any other details needed to set up the service.

Managing Icon Service Settings

Iconfinder service settings page with no settings entered.

In the screenshot above we are on the Iconfinder services settings page. You can see at the top there is a connection status, which indicates whether or not your site is successfully connected with the icon service. There are also fields for the Client ID and Client Secret. Each icon service has a set of required settings to connect the service with your website. Read through the documentation for the specific icon service if you need help.

Iconinder icon service with a valid connection.

After you enter the valid settings for the icon service, you’ll see the connection status badge changes to Connected and the help documentation in the sidebar disappears.

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