The icon services are only avaiable to Plus and Ultimate license holders.

Enable the Iconfinder Service

First you’ll need to enable the Iconfinder service, which can be done from the WordPress dashboard by navigating to WPIcons ⇨ Services. Once on the Services page you’ll be presented with a list of Icon Services (similar to the image below) that you can enable or disable as needed.

Enable the Iconfinder icon service inside from inside the services page.

Click on the blue Enable button inside of the Iconfinder service container. This will enable the Iconfinder icon service and redirect you right to the Iconfinder services settings page.

Iconfinder service settings page with no API key entered.

Iconfinder Settings

The Iconfinder settings are fairly straight forward. Although, you may be confused as to where to get the values for these settings from. You’ll see in the right-hand sidebar titled “Iconfinder API“. Click on the button inside of this metabox titled “Iconfinder API Dashboard” to be taken to the Iconfinder website.

You can also view the Iconinder API Dashboard here.

Iconfinder API Dashboard

You will need to create a free Iconfinder account before registering a new API application.

Once you’ve created your free Iconfinder account and landed on the Iconinder API Dashboard you should see a screen similar to the following:

Iconfinder icon service API Dashboard

You’ll need to register a new API application with Iconfinder. This is a security measure and allows Iconfinder to know where requests are coming from. Click on the Register new application button. Enter the following settings into the API Application Settings.

Note: Be sure to replace with the URL of the site where you are installing the WPIcons plugin.
Enter the following settings into the API Application fields.

Application name: WPIcons Pro
The name of API Application. This is used for your future reference.

Homepage URL:
The URL of the website where the WP SVG ICons plugin is installed.

Description: Application to connect to the WPIcons Pro WordPress plugin.
Enter a breif description of your application. Something for you to reference in future.

Callback URL:
The callback URL for the API. This is not used in our implementation, but it’s required you have the field populated.

Domain restriction regex:
Use this field to limit API usage to a specific domain(s). You can enter the URL of the website where the WPIcons plugin is installed, or use regex to specify an IP address.

Once you’ve populated all of the fields with the necessary values, you can click Register Application at the bottom of the popup.

Enter the Client Credentials

The Iconfinder application will be created and you’ll receive a confirmation notice at the top of the page. You should see your application just beneath that, with two values Client ID and Client Secret.

You’ll need to copy both of those values over from the Iconfinder API Application into the WPIcons Pro plugin Iconfinder service settings page.

Copy the Client ID and Client Secret values over from the Iconfinder API Dashboard into the WPIcons Pro Services settings page.

Once added, you can click on Save Changes at the bottom of the settings page. If everything worked as expected your Client ID and Client Secret values should now be hidden and the API Connection Status should say Connected.

After saving your Iconfinder service settings, the API connection status should now say ‘Connected’.

You’re now ready to begin using the Iconfinder icon service to find new icons to add to your site!

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