Settings Overview

You can get to the settings page at any time from your WordPress dashboard by navigating to WPIcons ⇨ Settings.

The WPIcons settings are meant to be basic and easy to manage. That means you won’t find too many settings on the actual settings page.

Settings page overview

Load Default Icons – This setting allows you to turn on/off the default bundled set of icons. This prevents the default icon stylesheet from being loaded on the frontend. If you aren’t using any of the default bundled icons it’s recommended you uncheck this setting to speed up your website and decrease load times.

Use Custom Nav Walker – The custom nav walker is enabled by default and allows you to assign icons to menu items. When this setting is unchecked either the default nav walker or the nav walker bundled with your theme will be loaded – ultimately disabling the ability to assign icons to menu items.

Note: If you’re seeing conflicts on your menu creation page, there is most likely a conflict with your theme or another plugin you have installed, and it’s advised that you disable this option.

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